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Google Drive

Exisisting account not working

Please try to re-authenticate account or if that fails re-add Google Drive account and update FolderPairs to use newly added account. Some old API keys used by FolderSync can no longer be used, so adding a new account can unfortunately be required.

Browser authentication issue

If you have issues authenticating, please ensure Chrome browser is installed and it is the default browser. If issue persist try clearing data for Chrome browser in Android App settings. Firefox has also been reported by some users to work. Simple browsers on app store that use an internal standard WebView with not be able to work with the security measures Google is enforcing.

Syncing to a shared folder

If you want to sync to a folder somebody has shared with you, you need to add it it your drive. This can be done in the Google Drive browser interface.

1. Open the "Shared with me" section. 
2. Click a folder or files to be added to another location. (it will be highlighted) 
3. Press down "Shift + Z" 
4. Choose a location in a dialog box.