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All data in regards to accounts, folderPairs, sync log and so on, that is needed for the app to function, is stored locally on your device in the app database on the internal SD card. We do not have access to it. No processing of your information happens on our servers, you connect and sync files directly to the cloud provider or server you have configured.

We use the Firebase Crashlytics SDK in FolderSync for tracking errors and crashes and it also gives us anonymous statistics data such as number of active users per month etc.. An error report can contain operating system/device model name etc, but NOT any Personally identifiable information (PII) like username, device id, IP address etc.

We don't track any information in regards to your folderPairs, accounts or the files you sync.

You may also want to check out our privacy policy.

Opt out from analytics

Although crash reports and statistics are very helpful to us, you can of course opt out on the settings screen at any time if you so desire.