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Supported services

The following service and protocols are supported.

In the table you can also see if the service in question supports setting modified time of uploaded files. As for setting modified time of files written to storage on Android device, this is always attempted, but will not alway work (because of it not being supported by the specific Android OS flavor or the file system used).

Cloud service Allow setting modified time Notes
Amazon S3 🚫
Box ✅
CloudMe 🚫
Dropbox ✅
Google Drive ✅
Google Cloud Storage 🚫
HiDrive 🚫
Koofr 🚫 How to login
LiveDrive Premium 🚫
luckycloud S3 🚫
luckycloud WebDAV 🚫
MinIO 🚫 🚫 🚫
NetDocuments 🚫
Nextcloud ✅ (if X-OC-Mtime header supported)
OneDrive ✅
ownCloud7/8 🚫
ownCoud 9 🚫
pCloud ✅
SugarSync 🚫
Yandex Disk 🚫

And for file protocols.

File protocol Allow setting modified time Notes
FTP ✅ (if supported by server) FTP, FTPES, FTPS
SFTP ✅ (if supported by server)
SMB 1 ✅ (if supported by server)
SMB 2 ✅ (if supported by server)
SMB 3 ✅ (if supported by server)
S3 Compatible 🚫
WebDAV 🚫 HTTPS only