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Android only

FolderSync works as Tasker plugin and supports deep links when triggered from other automation apps. This means one or more folderPair syncs can be initiated or cancelled when a condition or rule you configured in automation app occurs.


Configuring an automation apps is out of the scope of this help text, but FolderSync is found in the the Plugin section for Tasker. Note that syncs will run no matter what settings they are configured with, when initiated from automation app, except if the allowed connection requirement(s) are not met.

FolderSync also supports triggering actions via deep links. To trigger a deep link from Tasker use “Browse URL” action. For deep links to work automation must be enabled in FolderSync settings.

Opening deep links by copy/pasting directly url to a browser will not work, as this will just attempt to open it as a normal webpage and there is no web server listening for these types of links. The link has to be intercepted directly by the FolderSync app for it to work, using the deep link handling inherent in the Android system - which as mentioned will not work when directly entering the link into a browsers address bar, but it will work if triggered by an automation app like Tasker using Android intents.

Enabling deep links

For deep links to work they have to be enabled on the settings screen. This will also make the Automation tab visible on the folderPair screen.

Automation options

FolderPair specific

Find list of install-specific deep links under folderpair.

  • Sync
  • Cancel syncing
  • Enable scheduled sync
  • Disable scheduled sync


Find list of install-specific deep links in settings.

  • Sync all
  • Cancel syncing
  • Enable scheduled sync
  • Disable scheduled sync
  • Backup database