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2FA access for NextCloud?

To login on server with 2FA enabled you need to generate App Password / Token for your user, this password can then be used in FolderSync to login.

See this article:

I can not connect to a non-HTTPS WebDav server. Why?

Because of security restrictions when targeting newer Android SDK's non-SSL http communication is no longer allowed by default and will not be re-added, as it would be a security risk for allĀ users of the app, since it can enable man-in-the-middle attacks on compromised networks. This can not be configured as a user setting because of the way it configured in the app.

It is recommended you enable SSL on your server or NAS, using the defaultĀ self-signed SSL certificate it most likely has configured. FolderSync support self-signed certificates which can be enabled on account. If you absolutely have no other choice but to use a non-SSL server, please contact support to request the 2.9.x version FolderSync. Note, this old version is unsupported and will never receive updates.

Upload fails with Stream Closed or similar?

Some servers has a very low request time out setting. If you are using Apache web server, many NAS like Synology or MyCloud are, you can remove usage of LoadModule reqtimeout_module modules/ in apache conf file.

OwnCloud connection issues?

May be caused by streamlining of the configuration into two account types for ownCloud 6/7 and 8 respectively. Please reconfigure your accounts accordingly. If you get something like "refused stream" error for HTTP/2 you need to upgrade to latest nginx web server and version 2.9.4, where this is fixed.