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FolderSync incorporates its own log collection functionality, to help the developers fix bugs that might occur. Debug logging can be enabled on the about screen to help with resolving errors when in contact with support.

How to create and send a log file

  1. To create a log file with useful data, enable [Debug logging] on the app’s about screen.
  2. Redo the function/action that fails so it gets logged (previous errors will not be logged, so this step is important).
  3. Go back to the about screen and export the logs to zip file.
  4. Send the logs to support mail.


If you have an error when syncing a lot of files, it can be helpful to create a folderPair only syncing a few of the files for which the error occurs. This makes the the log file much more readable.

Private data in log file

If you choose to send us a log file per e-mail it may contain Personally identifiable information (PII), in form of folder/ file names, IP addresses etc. Remove any information you do not wish to share with us before sending such files.