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The about and settings screens allows you to configure FolderSync and export/import configuration.

On about screen

Scheduled sync

You have a an option to disable scheduled syncs completely. In this case no scheduled syncs will run. Disable this if you want to use manual sync only or syncs initiated from Tasker/Locale.


Android only

There is also an option to disable notifications, overriding any notification setting configured on folderPairs. You can also, on newer Android versions, configure Android notification configuration for different notification channels used.

FolderSync has several configured notification channels (on Android 8.0 or newer):

  • FolderSync Service - notification shown when background sync is running
  • FolderSync Monitor Service - notification shown when instant sync is monitoring one or more folders
  • FolderSync Background Tasks - notification shown background tasks such as sync analysis is running
  • FolderSync File Manager - notifications shown by the file manager
  • FolderSync Sync Success - notification shown on sync success (if enabled on folderPair)
  • FolderSync Sync Changes - notification shown on sync changes (if enabled on folderPair)
  • FolderSync Sync Errors - notification shown on sync error (if enabled on folderPair)

Access pin code

You can set a pin code and timeout if you want to protect access to the app.


You can select theme and if you want it to be dark/light or follow system settings.

User interface

Desktop only

  • Close to tray - minimize app to tray when closing window.
  • Start minimized to tray - when starting app, it will start minimized to tray.
  • Launch on login - start app automatically when user logs into system. Requires FolderSync Desktop to be installed in default folder.

On settings screen


  • Language - set language. By default FolderSync will follow device language setting.
  • Notifications - Android only access Android notification settings for the app.


  • Crash reporting - Toggle crash reporting.
  • Analytics - Toggle Analytics.

User interface

  • Show bottom bar tab title - Android only Toggle showing titles on bottom menu bar.
  • File manager columns - Android only Change the number of columns used to show files in file manager, default is 1.
  • Reset dialog selections - Reset remembered choices for dialogs (FolderPair sync dialog etc.)
  • File manager icon size - Android only Change icon size for files shown in file manager.

Internal storage

  • Root access - Android only Enable access on rooted device. Only needed to access files that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Sync options

  • Disable stack notifications - Android only Toggle this if you don't want stacked notification styled.
  • Keep screen on - Android only Keep screen on while syncing. Only recommended as a possible solution if syncing in background is paused by the Android OS.
  • Retains sync logs - The number of total sync logs to retain, FolderSync will automatically delete the oldest sync logs when this limit is hit.
  • Difference in milliseconds allowed when comparing files - When comparing files during sync this is difference allowed when checking if files are identical.
  • Required free space - The minimum space in MB that is required to be available on device for a folderPair sync to start.
  • Instant sync delay - Delay in seconds until sync should start if triggered by folderPair instant sync option.
  • Simultaneous transfers - The number of parallels transfers for V2 folderPairs when syncing. Default is set based on number of processors detected.
  • Use alternative sync scheduling - Android only Use alternative sync scheduling method. Try this if scheduled sync doesn't start.


  • Enable - Android only Enable automation if you want to enable automation using deep links.
  • Help - Android only Clicking the help entry gives a list of possible deep links that can trigger action. Deep links are specific to the specific install of FolderSync, as they contain a unique generated key.

OS integration

  • Terminal application - Desktop only Set command line command to run Terminal application on your OS. %d% can be used to refer to current folder in file manager.
  • Use system keystore - Desktop only If enabled, FolderSync will try to use system keystore for SSL certificates in addition to default keystore bundled with the application. Changing this requires restart of the application before it takes effect.


Database compatibility

Desktop and Android backups are not cross-compatible. Trying to restore a Android backup into Desktop app or vice-versa will not work.

  • Backup folder - configure the location of the backup folder.
  • Backup database - Used to export the underlying database of FolderSync. Backups can be encrypted using a password to protect your credentials.
  • Restore database - Restore a database backup. This will overwrite any existing folderPairs, accounts and sync history in the opened app. This will work between different versions of FolderSync.